The All Day Egg

Farmer-chef partnership brings duck eggs to diners’ plates

Throughout California, farmers and chefs increasingly work in partnership to support and bolster one another’s professions. For restaurant patrons, this behind-the-scenes collaboration opens their palates to new tastes. Such is the case at Fisher’s Restaurant & Catering in Hollister, where chef/owner Mike Fisher features an egg of a different feather: the duck egg.

Fisher began his culinary career at age 15 as a dishwasher in Hollister, his hometown. After working various positions in local restaurants, he attended Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy in Paris and worked across the U.S. in high-volume food service and a Michelin star restaurant. In 2016, lured by the region’s wealth of produce, he returned to Hollister to start his own farm-to-table restaurant.

“The Duck egg can do anything the chicken egg can”

“One hundred percent of our produce is purchased from local farmers,” Fisher said. “And we use as many other local products as we can—meat, eggs, dairy.”

And for his eggs, Fisher exclusively uses local duck eggs.“The duck egg can do anything the chicken egg can,” Fisher said, noting that though he originally added duck

eggs to the menu for their uniqueness, the “bigger, bolder, silkier yolk” won him over.Duck eggs have won over his guests as well.

“Lots of customers come in and their eyes light up. They say they’d love to try it,” Fisher said. “And (some customers) get a little scared at first. But I’ve never had anyone turn it away after eating it. They’re very impressed by it.”

One seriously rich yolk On Fisher’s seasonal menu, guests may find duck eggs hard-boiled and crumbled on a wedge Cobb salad or soft-boiled over grilled asparagus and red onions, drizzled with balsamic vinegar.