Meet Our Ducks

Golden 300 Hybrid

The Golden 300 is a strain we developed by crossing different breeds of good egg laying ducks to produce an excellent egg producing duck. This is a sex-linked bird which can be sexed visually at any age. The males are shades of black and the females are shades of brown. They are typically calmer than the Khaki Campbell.

White Layer

The White Layer is an all white bird that we developed from the Golden 300 Hybrid. The only production difference between the White Layer and Golden 300 is that the White Layer lays a slightly smaller percentage of blue/green eggs.

Khaki Campbell

The Khaki Campbell is a heritage breed that was originally bred for egg production in England and Holland in the early 1900’s. It has been used ever since by those wanting to use a purebred duck for egg production.

Golden 300 Hybrid White Layer Khaki Campbell
Egg Production (40 Weeks) 230 230 195
Egg Production (52 Weeks) 290 290 240
Average Egg Weight 82 grams, 2.9 oz 82 grams, 2.9 oz 76 grams, 2.7oz
Mortality During Lay 3.00% 3.00% 4.00%
Age at 5% Production 22 Weeks 22 Weeks 20 Weeks
Egg Color 5% Blue/Green
95% White
1.5% Blue/Green
98.5% White
5% Blue/Green
95% White
Feed Consumption/Day/Female 0.4lbs 0.4lbs 0.36lbs