Our Story

Over 60 years ago, Olin Metzer began raising ducks, and eventually sold duck eggs to the local Asian market. What started out as pest control for the family ranch, turned into a passion for ducks and sparked the idea for a business. His son, John Metzer, later joined Metzer Farms and even pursued an education to broaden his knowledge about avian science and agricultural business. John Metzer’s son, Marc Metzer, would also pursue an education, work abroad, and gain experience in the produce industry before joining the family farm.

Marc worked abroad in Korea after graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. During his time abroad, he developed a love for good food and noticed that chefs and restaurants used duck eggs in many of their dishes. He brought his passion for food back to the states and crafted a plan with his father to market duck eggs to chefs, restaurants, and retail stores. In 2018, John and Marc decided to start a company that markets fresh duck eggs to chefs, restaurateurs, food service, and retail companies.

Our farm utilizes the best genetics available and raise our breeders in a more traditional system. We pasture our replacement breeders as much as possible during rearing. Cages are never used, and all of our grower and layer buildings are open sided for natural ventilation with birds housed comfortably on the floor. Cage-free ducks produce the highest quality duck eggs.

Working abroad in Korea, Marc experienced a variety of culinary experiences that included duck eggs in many dishes. At home, the Metzer’s always used duck eggs. Experimenting with different recipes over time has allowed truly remarkable dishes to be crafted with our duck eggs. From breakfast to dessert, Olinday Farms’ duck eggs are a versatile ingredient that will enhance any dish.

We are excited to launch Olinday Farms and bring the highest quality fresh duck eggs to restaurants and retail locations near you. We utilize the finest genetics available and raise our breeders in a more traditional system to ensure premium duck eggs. Cage-Free ducks produce the best eggs, and our customers deserve the highest quality we can provide. We look forward to providing you with the All Day Egg.


Olinday farms utilizes an environmentally friendly approach on our farm.
Solar panels provide 75% of our farm and hatchery’s electrical needs.
Our runoff water is filtered from the farm by grass strips that are planted behind pens.
We maintain six bicycles and use them for transportation around the farm.
All of the manure and bedding from our operation is ultimately composted and utilized on local farms to increase soil fertility.
Cage-Free ducks provide the best duck eggs. That’s why our growing and layer buildings are open sided, with our ducks housed comfortably on the floor to imitate a more natural environment.