Our Eggs



For the last 47 years, we have raised our ducks in the best possible conditions, resulting in the highest quality eggs. We decided to bring our passion to you, and launched Olinday Farms to bring the highest quality fresh duck eggs to restaurants and retail locations near you year-round.



We use White Layers, Golden 300 Hybrids, and Khaki Campbells as our main breeds for laying eggs because of their superior genetics. We pasture our replacement duck and goose breeder as much as possible during rearing to preserve the quality of our product. 



We refuse to cage our ducks, and as a result all of our growing and layer buildings are open sided, with birds comfortably housed on the floor, which serves as a more natural environment.

At Olinday Farms, we value the Earth that we inhabit and take precautions to protect the environment. We utilize solar panels that ultimately provide 75% of our farm and hatchery’s electrical needs. Additionally, we try to use our vehicles as little as possible around the facility, and as a result we have a fleet of six bicycles that we have implemented as farm transportation. Additionally, we filter our water runoff with grass strips that are planted behind the pens, in order to avoid contamination of local water sources. We believe in giving back, and using up everything that we produce, so we decided to compost and utilize all of the manure and bedding from our operation to increase soil fertility on local farms.


In 2018 Marc and his father, John, decided to start a company that markets fresh duck eggs to chefs, restaurateurs, food service, and retail companies because of their passion for food, ducks, and their family’s business. They maintain a goal of having chefs across the country incorporating duck eggs on menus and on shelves- making Olinday Farms’ duck eggs the All Day Egg. 

Finding Olinday Duck Eggs

Looking to buy some Olinday Duck Eggs, you can order direct from Olinday, or find a local retail outlet that carries them.