Throughout California, farmers and chefs increasingly work in partnership to support and bolster one another’s professions. For restaurant patrons, this behind-the-scenes collaboration opens their palates to new tastes. Such is the case at Fisher’s Restaurant & Catering in Hollister, where chef/owner Mike Fisher features an egg of a different feather: the duck egg.

It’s an exciting era for the Metzer family from California who produce day old duck chicks and eggs that are shipped all over the US and Canada. Demand for duck eggs from the food and retail sectors is booming.

Marc Metzer is now the egg man. After a crack at the corporate world, his entry into his family’s third-generation waterfowl hatchery at Metzer Farms in Gonzales has him happily singing a quirky tune.

Olindays Farms’ Marc Metzer recently went on the Business Chef Podcast with Shawn Bucher.

A third-generation farmer explains how his family’s operation has increased its sales of ducklings and managed to sell duck eggs for human consumption.