Meet Our Team

Marc Metzer

Marc was raised on the farm in Gonzales. Later on, he graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a degree in Agribusiness, emphasizing his study in Poultry Management. His day is varied greatly: from working with ducks to working with chefs, Marc always has an enjoyable day to day work schedule. He checks emails, performs customers service, works with potential clients and chefs to promote duck eggs, personally delivers eggs to chefs, and works with the ranch manager, Lindsay, on special projects. Marc strives to have the most efficient and best environment for his ducks.

Marc often works with local chefs, and in particular, enjoys working with the Executive Chef Estevan Jimenez of RanchoCielo. Marc has an immense amount of respect for Chef Jimenez, because of his passion for helping youth in the greater Tri-County Area.

Marc loves good food, good beer, and interesting places. He has traveled to many countries, and enjoys sampling the wide variety of cuisines from different cultures, with his favorite food being Korean. Poached duck eggs are Marc’s go-to way to enjoy duck eggs!

John Metzer

“Identifying the needs of your customers and delivering a quality product and service ensures business success.”

John advises his son, Marc, on business operations and strategy from experience he has acquired throughout the years. John and Marc started Olinday Farms to fulfill a market and seize the opportunity to popularize duck eggs.

Ultimately, Olinday Farms is a way for Marc to create his own impact in the waterfowl world and continue the family farming legacy.

John was born in Oregon, raised in Gonzales, and educated at UC Davis. He has been married to his wife Sharon for over thirty six years, and has three children, and two grandchildren. His favorite breed is the Buff duck. With a well established history of delivering eggs to Hogwash in San Francisco, John says that is his favorite restaurant. He eats the same breakfast everyday… you guessed it, a fried duck egg!

Ashley Vaughan
Secretary & Sales

Ashley manages invoicing, payroll, and online orders here at Metzer Farms. Ashley’s mother went to high school with the Metzers, so it was only fitting that Ashley continued her well established relationship with the Metzer family in 2005 when she began working for Metzer Farms.

Raised on a dairy farm in Soledad, Ashley is no stranger to farming. She loves hunting, outdoor activities, and four wheeling on her ranch in Greenfield. Her favorite thing about working for Metzer Farms is the family aspect of the company, since it has and always will be a family-owned and operated company. Most importantly of all, she prefers her duck eggs in an omelet or over easy.

Alexis Martinez
HR & Sales

Alexis has been processing all shipments, answering customer inquiries, resolving employee inquiries, and coordinating employee hiring since 2018. She values hardworking people that are comfortable and compassionate when working with ducks. Her favorite part of working at Metzer Farms is hearing personal stories from happy customers. She loves working with customers so much that she would like to continue her education in human resources one day.

Born in Yuma, currently living in Soledad, Alexis is happily married with two young daughters. She loves trying new and interesting coffee shops, along with shopping at Macy’s, her favorite store. Her favorite way to enjoy duck eggs is sunnyside up, with a nice dark roast coffee surrounded by her wonderful children and husband.

Samantha Barnthouse
Social Media, Marketing & Sales

Samantha has been a social media and marketing manager for Metzer Farms since 2016. She answers customer inquiries through Facebook, manages all social media communication for Metzer Farms, and writes company blog content about duck topics, care, and unique breeds. Her favorite part of her job is interacting with customers, learning about their experiences, and developing long standing relationships with customers.

Samantha graduated from CSUMB with a degree in Communication Design and looks forward to starting an online master’s degree program next semester at SJSU in Librarianship. Her favorite duck breed is the Blue Swedish, and she loves to play Japanese role-playing video games in her spare time. She was born and raised in Salinas, and enjoys her duck eggs most when they are scrambled and peppered with hot sauce!